Free Spirit Healing


 Candace Eberle is a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator; certified and ordained through Venus Rising Institute and is a member of the Shamanic Ministers Global Network. She is also a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Candace is an Integrative Healer who combines skills and knowledge in traditional and non traditional teachings..  

After struggling through her own dark night of the soul she began her quest for understanding and healing. She received her psychology degree and worked in the human services field for over 10 years. She soon recognized that modern psychological approaches alone could not fully address the spiritual needs within humanity, and began her training in alternative fields of knowledge. She began to study and be mentored by Reiki Masters, Elders, and Shamans, and was eventually led to Venus Rising Institute to pursue further training and personal healing. She now blends ancient wisdom with modern psychological techniques to create an integrative psycho-spiritual approach to healing and wellness

Candace is a spiritual seeker with a deep understanding of the ever evolving cycles of death and rebirth, and is a wounded healer, committed to her own journey through the Spiral Path of transformation.